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Executive Functioning impacts school and future job performance

You want your student to succeed and so does wepackageU. You know your student''s strengths so let's build on weaknesses that gets in his or her way, both inside and outside of the classroom.  


OurADHD & Executive Function Strategies Coach and Tutor will customize a plan to:

  • help a student realize how he or she struggles and then, how he or she can best learn
  • identify where and when a student gets "off track"
  • create a plan to work with our Coach & Tutor on what strategies will meet his or her learning style
  • give the support he or she needs to gain confidence, practice these skills and succeed
  • offer Parents some techniques to help connect with your student, find out what he or she needs, and improve a student's communication

Student Success

wepackageU meets with you and your student to determine which Executive Functioning skills are getting in the way. We will then work together on a customized plan to strengthen a student's ADHD & Executive Function skills

WepackageU Partners With Parents to Avoid This

We make it easy at wepackageU to discuss your child's needs.  Either call or click on the "Contact Us" page.  Our promise is to get back in touch with you as quickly as possible.