Executive Function (EF) Skills

Tutor_Coach_frustrated_student.jpg "I don't understand what I need to do. Where should I begin?"
  • Organization of binders, notebooks, notes
  • Planning, prioritizing what classwork is due and when
  • Time management to ensure work, writing, projects are done on time
  • Self-initiating class work, writing and important papers to be submitted
  • Control of impulsivity in class and at home staying 'on task'
  • Flexibility, adaptability to learn and use important skills
  • Self-regulation and persistance to meet short and long-term goals 
  • Control of emotions in daily conserviations & in working through tasks
  • Sustained attention to know "what is due and when"; to not lose points and hear, "you're late".

wepackageU Certified Coach Tutor sees your Student:

  • Using the strategies we will teach him or her to get back on track
  • Building his or her confidence and self-esteem. To develop resilience.
  • Understanding how to get things done and on time. Feels successful.

Licensed, Certified, Strategy Specialist focusing on learning:

  • SC and MA. Special Education, Multi-Categorical; General Education Certified Teacher; K-12; Higher Education; experienced in teaching and transitioning students from high school through their Higher Education years