Customized Executive Function Coach Paula Brady, M.Ed, MBA

Your time is valuable. Your student's time is valuable.  As your Student's Executive Function Coach, the time spent planning and working with you and your Student is invaluable.  


Having taught at the College, High School, Middle School and Elementary level and co-taught with General Ed Teachers, my experience is in working both in and outside of the classroom with students who have Executive Function and/or ADHD needs. My SC and MA, Teachers Certification is K-12, Multi-Categorical, Special Education, General Ed., along with two Masters degrees: Education (M.Ed) and Business Management (MBA) including 14 years at IBM (Domestic Product Manager, Fortune 500 & 100 Companies) and International Product Manager, Asia.  


Since 2009 I have developed and presented these Seminars to both General and Special Education Teachers in K-12 and Higher Education: "Learning Disabilities in Your Classroom: What each means, what to look for and strategies that work" and "Strategies to Transition your Special Education Senior through the 1st year of College".


At wepackageU, we customize strategies to meet your student's needs now and for life.  Because your student will be given a customized coaching plan, he or she will have the tools and opportunities to start becoming the best that he or she can be.


We look forward to hearing from you.
Paula Brady, M.Ed, MBA
Founder and Executive Function, AD/HD Coach at WepackageU


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