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As a Parent, you want your student to succeed.  At wepackageU, we also want your student to succeed. 


How does wepackageU do this? We first meet and listen to both you and your student. This guides us in knowing what strategies will strengthen the specific Executive Function and/or ADHD skills that are getting in the way of learning and succeeding.  From there a wepackageU Coach, both South Carolina and Massachusetts licensed and certified in General Education (K-12), Special Education and Multi-Categorical (K-12) meets with you and your student to determine learning style and how he or she approaches every day tasks. We use a unique, copyrighted intake assessment that provides you and the student a clear understanding of ADHD, Executive Function and/or other learning needs.  Because wepackageU.com is the only Coach Tutor service to use this customized approach, we are able to develop a specific plan to meet your student's needs and strengthen your student's skills.

Our goal is to quickly get each person on the road to success and independence.
For wepackageU, it's about each person realizing confidence and success, both now and throughout life.  


We know that you see your student's strengths. Together, we can have him or her on a path of realizing his or her own success.


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SC and MA., Licensed, Certified, Teacher experience: Multi-Categorical, Special Education, General Education, K-12, College, Higher Education 

Is your student... not getting good grades?

breaking_pencil.jpg Test_frustration.jpg
  • Saying "I've finished" or "I don't have any class work".
  • Waiting until the last minute to start work assigned.
  • Unorganized, unwilling to be helped.
  • Reading books yet not comprehending or can't explain what he or she has read.
  • Studies every night, yet feels that it is not making a difference.
  • Resists a new topic or subject.
    • Gets 'stuck' on work assigned, or is not flexible in thoughts, action(s) to take.




Paula Brady's vast knowledge of special education, Executive Function, and ADHD really made a huge difference in our son's ability to make the difficult transition from middle school to high school! Our son struggled with the work load and found it very difficult to juggle multiple subjects effectively. Paula taught him the skills necessary to get and remain organized. Her approach was very kind, understanding, as well as motivating.
        Barbara T., Parent of a Grade 9, private High School student     ​



I was struggling to do well on tests and take good notes. Soon after learning study skills from Paula, my grades improved and I made the Honor Roll.
        DJ, High School student (Grade 10)



Our son is getting ready to enter middle school in the fall. He is a bright child, but his lack of organization skills and executive weaknesses were really starting to affect his learning and school experience. We asked Paula to work with him to help him gain the skills he needs to be successful in middle school. She helped him organize his work and gave him tools to help him with the areas of executive function that he was struggling with, We have seen big improvements in his organization, work habits, confidence and overall attitude. We are certain that our son will be able to use the tools he has learned from Paula and we are excited to see the success he will have in the future.
         Meagan A., Parent of a Middle School student